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Drinks Menu at Camelot Restaurant and Lounge

To Drink

Time to get a bit tipsy?


Old Fashioned

A blend of Bourbon and bitters.

Mai Tai

Our version of the traditional Mai Tai with mixed rum, amaretto, fresh orange juice and dash of grenadine syrup.

Flaming Death

A blend of rum, fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice with a hint of vanilla.


A combination of dark and white rum, martini Russo, crème de cacao, fresh lemon juice, fresh orange juice, and dash of grenadine syrup.


Cachaca Brazilian rum muddled with fresh lime wedges and brown sugar.


A blend of Bourbon and Vermouth (Choose from Dry, Sweet or Perfect).

Amaretto Sour

A mixture of sweet and sour amaretto liqueur and fresh lemon juice with egg white.

Whisky Sour

A mixture of whisky and fresh lemon juice and sour mixed.


White tequila mixed with fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, and top with soda


Dark rum with fresh orange juice, pineapple juice and cream of coconut.


A combination of Sherry and dry Vermouth with bitters.

White Lady

Gin and Cointreau with fresh lemon juice and egg white.


Gluten free vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and fresh lime juice.


Gluten-free vodka with fresh green apple muddled, apple sourz liqueur, and a touch of sugar.


Gluten-free vodka with raspberry, fresh lime juice and a touch of sugar syrup.


A blend of Cognac and Absinthe with bitters and lemon twist.

White Russian/Thai Russian

Gluten free vodka, Kahlua and fresh cream or coconut cream free toast.

Hot Toddy

It’s typically mixed drink with brandy, hot water, honey and spices and served hot during wet and cold weather.

Long Island Iced Tea

It is typically made of five white spirits, vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec with fresh lemon juice, and cola.

Piña Colada

White rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream.

Fresh Fruit Daiquiri

White rum, triple sec, fresh lemon juice and sugar (Original recipe or made with fresh seasonal fruits).


White tequila, triple sec, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup (Original recipe or made with fresh seasonal fruits).


White rum with fresh mint, fresh lime, brown sugar muddled top with soda.


Our Signature Sangria Fresh fruits mixed with cognac and red wine.

Bloody Mary

Gluten-free vodka, tomato juice, a squeeze of lemon juice, salt, pepper and spices.

Moscow Mule

Gluten free vodka mixed with ginger beer and fresh lime juice sauce.

Espresso Martini

Gluten-free vodka with coffee shaken with vanilla sugar.


Fresh orange juice topped with chilled Champagne.

Champagne A la Fraise

Fresh strawberry puree topped with chilled champagne.


Fresh Peach puree topped with chilled champagne.

a little something more?

After Dinner

Irish Coffee

Irish whisky, espresso with fresh cream and Kahlua.

Tia Maria Coffee

Irish cream liqueur flavoured with cream, cocoa, and Irish whisky.


Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing and sprinkled with croutons


A coffee liqueur with rum and sugar.

Grand Marnier

Is an orange-flavored liqueur.


Is an Italian anise-flavored, usually colorless liqueur.


Is a fortified wine made with white grapes.


Alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash.


Is a popular Italian digestif that is produced from grape pomace and is often served with coffee.


A lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy and it’s served chilled.

Something to warm you up?

Coffee and Tea

Café Latte
American Coffee
Ristretto Coffee
Caffe Macchiato
White Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Selection of Tea
Pasta & Risotto

Main Course

Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

A full-flavored spaghetti with garlic and chili flakes lightly roasted in extra virgin olive oil with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt; an Italian staple.

Penne Arrabiat

Another Italian classic in which the pasta is tossed in a rich tomato sauce with garlic and chili flakes, then topped with fresh basil.


Long, flat ribbons of pasta tossed in your choice of shredded spinach with mushrooms in a nutmeg-infused cream sauce or our homemade tomato sauce.

Risotto ai Funghi

Arborio rice with mixed wild mushrooms sautéed with onions, garlic, and parsley mixed with a touch of cream and Parmesan cheese.

Risotto ai Fruitti di Mare

Arborio rice with fresh local prawns, squid, mussels, and scallops with a touch of cream and Parmesan cheese.


Main Course

Hamour Mashwei

Flame-grilled fresh local grouper fillet served with a side of leafy greens topped with classic parsley, lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil dressing.

Roasted Sea Bream

Pan-seared local sea bream fillet served with a side of squid ink spaghetti with crab, garlic, and chili flakes.

Roasted Salmon

Pan-seared Scottish salmon fillet served with sautéed green beans and baby potatoes.

Fruits de Mer Grillés Mixtes

Fresh Jumbo Prawns, crayfish, hamour, and mussels served with salsa verde, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.

Pesce al Sale

Fresh local whole sea bream completely covered in sea salt and baked to perfection in the oven, served with a generous side of mixed salad and roasted vegetables


Main Course

Poitrine de Poulet Farcie

Tender chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes, served with a cauliflower and broccoli gratin

Rambo’s Roasted Chicken Curry

A South Indian classic using Chef Rambo’s special blend of freshly toasted spices, served to your liking of no spice, medium or spicy and with steamed Basmati rice or naan bread, as well as mango pickles and papadums.

Magret de Canard Glacé

Ginger glazed duck breast served with honey plum, red cabbage, asparagus and soy sauce reduction

Pollo al Sale

Salt-crusted whole chicken completely covered in sea salt and baked to perfection in the oven, served with a generous side of mixed salad and roasted vegetables.


Main Course

Grilled Certified Angus Beef Filet
Grilled Certified Angus Rib Eye
Grilled Peppered Beef Tenderloin

Black and pink peppercorn crusted with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt.

Black Rock Grill

You personally grill your choice of certified Angus beef filet steak to sizzling perfection on a 400-degree Celsius volcanic rock that ensures every bite is just as hot and juicy as the first.


Main Course

Rogan-Josh Stew

A Kashmiri signature, aromatic curried dish of Persian origin, colored and flavored by alkanet flower and fragrant Kashmiri chilies – Served to your liking of no spice, medium or spicy with steamed Basmati rice or naan bread, as well as mango pickles and papadums

Lamb Shank

Fresh lamb shank slow-braised in a red wine-based stock with dates and aromatics and served with garlic mashed potatoes and caramelized carrots.

Make your own Burger

Served with your choice of French fries, smashed potatoes, or potato wedges.

For your sweet tooth!


Honey-Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad

Strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, red grapes, kiwi, mandarin and banana rough chopped and tossed in a honey and lime dressing with a splash of orange blossom water; fresh and refreshing.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A British classic of dark, dense sponge cake made with chopped dates, topped with a sweet toffee sauce and a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Homemade Cheesecake

Served with a mixed berry compote.

Fondant au Chocolat

This molten chocolate cake combines the best of two worlds, a soft and fluffy, flourless soufflé on the outside and hot and gooey chocolate lava from within – served with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Mousse au Chocolate et Café

Classic, rich and silky, ours is homemade with dark chocolate and freshly brewed espresso.

Homemade Ice Cream and Sorbet

Please ask your server about this week’s flavors.

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